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Mindful Leadership in Action

Master 5 Mental Markers of Mindfulness to reset your focus, reduce stress and re-balance your leadership approach

1 Day Mindful Action Master Class for your personal leadership wellbeing

A major mission of leaders is to help their people stay engaged and on-task – so they can apply themselves to producing good results, relatively free of stress, distraction or upset.  Before they can help their people like this, though, leaders need to work on setting aside their own distractions and focusing their own attention first. That’s where Mindful Leadership in Action can help - it looks at what it means and how to lead mindfully…

What's this clinic about?

Mindfulness isn't a practice you encounter all that much in the rush-’n-hurry of workplaces yet it actually underscores so many things that matter for good leadership. Work, for many of us, seems to be a place where action is valued over reflection; where we prefer speedy decisions over more considered ones and mindful leaders are a pretty rare species.

Mindfulness is a hugely beneficial set of practices that can help us cope more calmly and constructively with constant demands, busyness, pressure and stress and the deluge of distractions we face every day that can keep us in a state of continuously divided attention. 

You don’t have to formally meditate to be mindful

Stressed leader

The sheer number of leaders suffering stress and burn-out has doubled during the last decade. If you’re a leader, you’re more likely now to be lost in a maze of confusion, distraction, ambiguity, conflicting priorities, uncertainty, unrelenting pressure, stress and data-driven overload. That’s not a pretty prospect!

More and more leaders are seeking ways to put in a peak performance without sacrificing their sanity and well-being. Recent neuroscience discoveries vividly show how mindfulness training can reshape neuronal pathways, exert a beneficial and healthy influence on brain function, and help leaders find a haven of clarity, calm and focus in a maelstrom of uncertainty.

5 Mental Markers to rebalance your leadership focus

Mindful Leadership in Action introduces 5 Mental Markers and simple brain-training-tools to help you develop the mental disciplines of presence, attention, self-reflection and focus into your everyday leader activities. We’ll show you lots of ways you can be more calm, clear, present and emotionally balanced while going about your usual leadership work.  

Apart from helping you to lift your performance, mindfulness can also help leaders:

• Be more present and focused for the people you lead

• Make better decisions and increase the quality of your actions

Conduct more mindful dialogues and be conversationally present

• Manage distractions and mind-stray - ease anxiety and lessen stress

Be more attuned to yourself physically, emotionally and cognitively

• Regain balance, curtail confusion and dampen down disruptive emotions

• Strengthen your reserves of resilience and sense of well-being

• Build your social intelligence capacity to cultivate connectivity and compassion

“Gave me good practical tools to improve my mindfulness and cope with high-demand situations. Biggest learning was applying the 5 Mental Markers in a tough situation after the course. It’s been very useful. Thanks again for another great course!”

Penny S, Program Manager Queensland Health

What You'll Learn in this practical program

Mindfulness is often linked with meditation -- but you don’t have to meditate to be mindful. There's no doubt that regular meditation practice is good for your health and for your ability to cope with anxiety and stress. But there are many every-day ways you can train your brain to focus attention, downgrade distractions and heighten presence and clarity – deep and abiding mind-skills to lift your leadership capacity and personal productivity and strengthen your sense of balance and well-being.

In this 'minds-on' 1-day clinic you will...


Look at what it means to lead mindfully


Explore neuro-leadership and emotional intelligence links of mindfulness training and its practical benefits and pay-backs


Be introduced to 5 Mental Markers for mindful leadership, attention-focusing exercises and tools leaders can use to retrain your brain and rewire mental habits and neural pathways for greater self-mastery and personal productivity


Explore how you can achieve more focus, connectivity, compassion, resilience, presence and emotional balance – all key aspects of emotionally intelligent leaders


See where you are on our Mindfulness Dashboard and design a practice-regime to re-train your brain to be more mindful and self-aware

Down-to-earth work-based actions not just a meditation program

Cover-Building Resilience at Work Pocket Guide

● Learn about the brain-science behind our 5 Mental Markers for mindful leadership

● Try-out some simple techniques you can use back at work

Measure yourself on our Mindfulness dash-board

● Take away our complimentary in-depth Mindful Leadership in Action Toolkit

● Become more present and focused for the people you lead

● Quality learning, safe environment to practise, very reasonable rates

“...the guidebook as always is outstanding with excellent tools. You always provide such useful follow-up resources supported by such a strong research base!"

Principal, Sheldon College

What we will Cover in this practical program

Our day features 6 broad Mindful Leadership in Action Sessions

Session 1: Leading Mindfully

...looks at why mindfulness matters for leaders, the neuroscience basis behind it, and introduces 5 Mental Markers of Mindfulness: Presence, Self-awareness, Focused Attention, Emotional Balance & keeping a Clear, open and calm Mind.

Session 2: Mindful Body

...touches on a few body-based ways to focus attention and the idea of using your body as an anchor to be present.

Session 3: Mindful Thinking

...how thoughts distract and lead us astray with exercises to help stay present, focused, prevent mind-stray and reflect on whether our thoughts are beneficial or baneful. 

Session 4: Mindful Feeling

...looks at how feelings drive what we think, say and do, how focus and attention is tied to them and tools to dampen down disruptive emotions.

Session 5: Mindful Talking

...the quality of conversations leaders have has a lot to do with being present, focused, balanced and mindfully listening and speaking. We also look at dialogue as a form of mindful and reflective group conversation. 

Session 6: Mindful Acting

...ways leaders can apply mindfulness practices to everyday activities and work contexts to improve the quality of actions and relationships. You'll also assess yourself in terms of mindfulness practices and create a practice plan.

"Different to the run-of-the-mill mindfulness courses. Well worth attending. Especially if your interest is in mindful leadership and how to put it into action at work every day. I now have practical exercises I can use to get better at focusing my attention, dealing better with distractions and feeling less pressured at work. Others in my team have attended The Change Forum clinics with good results too."

Greg W, Financial Development Manager

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Mindful Leadership from a Practical Leadership Perspective

Is this course for you?

Participants of our mindfulness, personal mastery and well-being clinics are leaders and workers from all levels and any walk of working-life who want to re-balance and reinvigorate themselves, and refresh their leadership practice through learning and applying the mental disciplines of deep self-reflection, mindfulness and compassion

Individual Coaching Option

If you prefer 1-on-1 learning through individual Coaching we can help you focus on integrating mindful leadership practices into your everyday leadership approach - see our Coaching Leaders website 

“I came along to learn how to manage personal stressors in high-workload environments. I enjoyed the relaxed nature and insights of the small-group conversations and went away with a much better understanding of how to incorporate mindfulness into both work and my private life."

Thomas G - Queensland Parks & Wildlife

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